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The JMatter project has been under development for approximately two years. It is written entirely in Java, and has been developed specifically to support the development of rich workgroup applications.

After reading about and learning the NakedObjects framework, we quickly realized the potential of embracing this pattern of software architecture. The idea is simple:

When implementing business software solutions, many of the necessary components are generic in nature: authentication, viewing information, editing information, search, reporting, etc..

Yet, today software developers implement these components in a manner that is specific to the domain model for a given project. The reason is that the implementation is often easier and simpler. These solutions are short-sighted, because the components cannot be reused on the next project. By implementing such components in a generic fashion, in a manner that is agnostic to the domain model, we end up with a framework that gives you tremendous leverage.

With JMatter, developers are able to construct custom software solutions for their customers in record time. It is an extremely rapid, domain-driven development style where developers spend their time addressing their customers' business problems. They don't waste time building the plumbing for their applications.

We invite you to take a closer look. Download a copy of JMatter today, read the documentation, try out the sample applications, inspect the source code, join the mailing list and let us know what you think.

Sincerely, Eitan Suez