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jMatter now available Open Source!

Posted by Eitan Suez Mon, 19 Jun 2006 00:52:00 GMT

I am proud to announce that the jMatter framework license terms have been revised. jMatter is now available either under the GPL or the jMatter commercial license.

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jMatter is Here

Posted by Eitan Suez Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:05:00 GMT

It's no secret that I have for a while now been a great fan of the NakedObjects framework.

Here are a few blog entries where I express opinions on software and software development that are congruent with its philosophy:

All the while I was slowly thinking about, slowly developing a system of my own, one that would embody my shaped, personal opinions on software development. I have built myself a chainsaw. A system with a user interface that is consistent.

This system now has a name: jMatter. It has a url, with documentation, screenshots, and more.

Rather than flaunt all of the goodies and features I put into this chainsaw, I would instead like to invite you to take a look. Delve into this site, check out the screenshots, play the movies, read the documentation, download the framework, run the sample applications.

  Eitan Suez

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jMatter: Open for Business

Posted by Eitan Suez Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:05:00 GMT

For a while now I have been developing a software application framework very close to my heart.

At last, this project is now a product, has a web site, and a software license that you cannot beat.

I invite you to research our web site further.

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Data on jMatter

Posted by Eitan Suez Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:04:00 GMT

Approximately a month ago, I contracted to perform a small software project using the jMatter framework.

I completed the project in a little under two weeks. The original estimate for doing this project without jMatter was in the order of two months. More specifically, the original estimate was 350 hours of development time, whereas I took 70 hours, using jMatter.

So, regarding the value proposition of jMatter: the license fee is $500 per year, and that's per developer. i.e. there are no deployment or royalty fees.

On a single project of the type I completed, the savings of 280 hours of development time, even at a modest rate of $65 per hour represent close to $20,000. That's 40 times the licensing fee, recouped in two weeks' time. Not bad.

Assuming you do twelve such projects in a work year, you're cashing in 500 times the licensing fee per year.

So, is jMatter a good value proposition?

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Recent jMatter Enhancements

Posted by Eitan Suez Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:03:00 GMT

I strongly believe that the shear amount of features I have put in to jMatter is impressive. That sounds really corny coming from me.

But think about it. Take the naked objects framework as a comparison. They do a monumental thing by providing a user interface for your model objects. jMatter adds polymorphic support, search support, wizards, hibernate persistence, calendaring, validation, more data types, commands on value objects, persisted queries (smart lists), and more.

What I find interesting is that the number of ideas for features that I have is still as abundant today as it was a year ago.

Most recently, I added the ability to perform associations in place, via a new little widget that dynamically searches for objects of the matching type. Say, you're building a little flight planning application and you're defining a new trip from LAX to DEN. As you type the airport id, jMatter will perform a dynamic lookup. You just type "LA" and the handful of matching results are there for you to pick from. Press 'enter' and the association is made.

I also went ahead and made all listings' searches dynamic. I also recently licensed and integrated JExplose, a wonderful little expose-like utility for Swing.

I am discovering that changing one's mindset to embrace what is now termed "the naked objects architectural pattern" unleashes a new wave of ideas and creativity. Will the world catch on to this?

Anyhow, that's the update. Things are looking really good.

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Posted by Eitan Suez Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:02:00 GMT

Yesterday I stumbled across a most excellent utility: vnc2swf. It uses vnc to record desktop sessions as a swf movie. Pretty nifty.

So I played around with this a little and put together a really rough cut of a session with a jMatter demo application that I built a year ago in 3-4 hours' time: the NFJS Manager.

Check it out!

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